FAQ Ecocapsula for Nespresso

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With which machines can I use Ecocapsula?

Ecocapsula for Nespresso can be used in all household Nespresso machines that use orginal Nespresso capsules.

How do you use Ecocapsula?

Follow the instructions on the box and the videos available on the website.

Can the paper filter disks be re-used?

The paper filter disks have been calibrated in their weaving to be used just once, for sanitary reasons in that, once used, coffee and humidity cause the formation of molds, for which re-use is not advised.

Do I have to use a paper filter disk when preparing a tea or infusion?

The paper filter disk is not necessary when preparing a tea or infusion from a bag, it is advisable, rather, when brewing tea in loose leaf form, so to avoid the presence of small particles of the product in the cup.

What is the red washer for? Is it obbligatory to use it?

The red silicone washer protects against water loss immediately before brewing and, unlike analogous products on the market, since it’s made of silicon rubber it doesn’t damage your machine in the long run.

I tried to make a green tea but the result was too watery, why?

For some products, with less-soluble organic components such as green tea, it may be necessary to use two tea bags inside the capsule. Nonetheless you can always recover the tea bag from the inside of the capsule after brewing and let it seep for half the time necessary to obtain a cup of tea using just one bag.