FAQ Ecocapsula for Espresso Point [Lavazza Compatible]

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With which machines can I use Ecocapsula?

Ecocapsula for Espresso Point is compatibile with all machines that accept the Lavazza Espresso Point Original capsule format, for example the classic Crema Aroma.

How do you use Ecocapsula?

Follow the Ecocapsula for Nespresso Point preparation instructions present in the illustrative page on the inside of the packaging. When the capsule is ready, use it as you would a normal disposable capsule.

I bought Ecocapsula but I find it very hard to close the lid, is this normal?

Ecocapsula for Espresso Point is made of a particular plastic blend, needing at least 10 uses before reaching ideal form and stability. In any case the specific capsule opener is present on the loader/presser.

I have a Lavazza machine that utilizes double-dose pods, can I use Ecocapsula?

Utilizing the disposable pod adaptors found on the market you can easily use Ecocapsula in the double-dose Lavazza Espresso & Cappuccino machines. ATTENTION: Ecocapsula is not compatible with the Double Dose Lavazza machine ECL101.

I tried the first coffee I found at the supermarket with Ecocapsula and obtained poor results…why?

A good caffè espresso brewed from Espresso Point-compatible machines is the result of a balance of essential factors, including the right grounds. We strongly suggest a coffee grinder with a wide range of grounding levels.

Can I reuse the paper filter disks more than once?

From a sanitary point of view it is not advised, given that the organic waste can form molds, nor is it advisable for the quality of coffee itself. The texture and weave of the disks were created and calibrated to filter and retain specific elements, and after just one use the disk begins to lose efficacy.

I have Ecocapsula but not the loader/presser, can I just fill up and press the capsules by hand?

The Espresso Point system is the only one close to producing an espresso similar to what you’d receive at a café, and to reach optimal brewing it’s necessary to strike a balance between undeferrable factors. The accurately uniform compression of coffee inside the capsule is one such factor, a determinant in avoiding airpockets and a consequently low-quality coffee. Using unsuitable instruments such as spoons or your fingers to compress the coffee in the capsule is not advised for a successful brewing.

Ecocapsula is re-usable up to 250/300 times, but is it necessary to substitute even the loader/presser?

No, the loader/presser does not need to be substituted, it lasts indeterminately.

When is it necessary to use the paper disk filter with teas and infusions?

When you brew a tea or infusion in a bag it is not necessary to use the paper filter disk, but it is advised rather when seeping tea in loose leaf form, so to avoid the presence of small particles in the brewed beverage.